Referencing and Plagiarism

What is Referencing?

Referencing is a way of acknowledging the work of other authors in your own written work.

It allows us to use the work of others to add weight and significance to our arguments, proposals and conclusions without "stealing" their words and ideas.  

  • It enables the reader to validate the sources or material that you have used. 
  • You can demonstrate wider reading and research. 
  • References may be used to illustrate your points and give strength to your arguments. 
  • Referencing may be used to illustrate the points of others. 
  • Correct referencing helps you to avoid plagiarising the work of others.

At the Armadale, Bentley, Carlisle and Thornlie Campuses of South Metropolitan TAFE, we use the APA (American Psychological Association) referencing style.

Self Paced Tutorial on APA Referencing (Click on APA)  



Copying the words and ideas of others without acknowledging correct ownership is called plagiarism.  

Plagiarism may result in failure of a unit or entire course, fines, prevention from entry into professional associations and other disciplinary actions.

See the student regulations and bylaws within the Student Code of Conduct for further information.