Library Code of Conduct

The South Metropolitan TAFE Library Service operates a number of Campus Libraries, through which we provide a shared study and learning environment for all students.  This Code of Conduct describes the responsibilities of all users, to ensure that we work together to provide a pleasant, safe and productive environment for everyone to share.

When using the South Metropolitan TAFE Libraries, please ensure that you:

·     Always bring your Library/Student card when you want to borrow Library items.  Never lend your card to others.  You will be responsible for any items borrowed against your card.

·     Respect and care for the Library items on loan to you.  Loss or damage of Library items may incur replacement costs.    

·     Respect the needs of other users:

o   Limit excessive noise, such as loud phone calls or conversations. Phone calls may be taken in the foyer or outside.  Please use headphones when listening to audio material.

o   Refrain from marking, removing pages, removing security devices or barcodes, or otherwise intentionally damaging Library items.  All South Metropolitan TAFE Libraries have security systems installed to prevent removal of Library items without loan.  If the security alarm sounds, please return to the Circulation Desk and assist Library staff to identify the cause of the alarm.

o   Refrain from bringing strong-smelling or messy food into the library.  Messy food stains books and furniture. Closed drinks are okay.  Otherwise, please eat outside or at the cafeteria.

o   Refrain from intentionally damaging or stealing anyone else’s belongings (and please don’t leave valuable items unattended whilst you are in the Library)

o   Refrain from harassing Library staff or other Library users, and be considerate of the needs of others.  Always follow the directives of Library staff, and remember that this is a shared space.

This Code of Conduct supplements the South Metropolitan TAFE Student Code of Conduct, Computer Use and other policies.  Use of the South Metropolitan TAFE Libraries signifies the agreement with these conditions.

Failure to comply with this Code may result in disciplinary action being taken against you, such as being asked to leave the Library.   Persistent or serious matters will be reported to the Manager, Library Services, who may exclude the user from accessing the South Metropolitan TAFE Libraries for a period of time. If the Manager, Library Services considers the seriousness of the offence warrants, the matter may be referred to the Head of the relevant teaching area, or to the Director.

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